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1. ICT Solutions

The Application assists doctors with the delivery and viewing of laboratory results from their mobile devices.

The application has the following features including:

  • Patient-centric electronic results
  • Easy enrolment and registration
  • Secure pin entry to unlock application
  • Automatic updating of patient data
  • Result caching for offline availability
  • Sorting of patient lists alphabetically and chronologically
  • Easy search facility
  • Cumulative patient view
  • Cumulative test view
  • Graphical result data
Care Card

To reduce the time you need to spend completing the required paper work, Lancet Laboratories Zimbabwe has introduced the  Care Card. This Care Card is encoded with patients' unique identification number that links to patient’s details, insurance/medical scheme information, any discount approved on our database.

With the Care Card, there will be no need to fill out forms anymore at the patient's next visit.

Patients will have:

  • Enhanced service experience by reducing the time spent filling forms at every visit.
  • Historical data charts generated from their test results for chronic diseases such as diabetic profiles thyroid profiles, HIV monitoring etc.
  • Integrated demographics and credit information.
  • It will also facilitate links to electronic validation of insurance membership, exclusions and credit limits.
  • The chronic disease care program, that allows regular clients/customers to benefit from discount packages and credit facilities

PathPortal provides a simple, secure and convenient way to view your patient reports from any javascript enabled browser with access to the internet. The portal is compatible with all mainstream web browsers and some popular mobile devices.

Pathportal caters for single-user accounts, group practices, multi-user accounts and combinations thereof. This allows members of larger practices, clinics or hospitals to have access to not just their own records, but those of their colleagues and partners too.

PathPortal allows doctors to:

  • View patient reports online.
  • Search, print out or save to disk
  • Acquire paperless reporting solution at no additional cost.
  • Access a styled e-mail type interface so that users can very quickly overcome the learning curve of figuring out how to navigate to their reports.
  • All this while providing access to your latest results within as little as two clicks

Our extensive courier network provides 24 Hr service which includes sample pick up and result delivery timeously.


2. Roaming Phlebotomy

At Lancet Laboratories Zimbabwe, we work with you to minimise pre-analytical errors and improve efficiency through cooperative partnership. We provide special arrangements to our esteemed supporting doctors/clinicians, referring laboratories, hospitals and clients for collection of samples and delivery of results through a networking phlebotomy and courier service.

If you don’t have an in-house staff capable of handling specimen collection, we have trained roaming phlebotomists available to visit doctors’ suites/clinics on short notice during daytime 7-days a week, and clients’ offices/business premises/residence with prior booking. Samples are collected at no extra charge, and results are delivered back to the client as print outs and electronic copies through our couriers and IT network.

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